Jadabug Roasters was founded in an effort to have the freshest and fullest flavored coffee available. We began learning and crafting the roasting of coffee beans with the purchase of our first Diedrich roaster in 2004. We wanted a plump, aromatic and flavorful bean, so we choose the best roaster we could find and the best beans grown by small family farms across the world. Two years later, after tweaking and perfecting each varietal roasts, we knew we had finally reached our goal when one day our 2 year old grand daughter, Jada, nicknamed, Jadabug grabbed the bag of coffee and exclaimed, “Mmmmm, coffee…gooood.” We realized that out of the mouths of babes, we had reached our goal of an aromatic bean that entices and stimulates the senses, even a child’s.  With that inspiration, we named our roasting company after her, JADABUG ROASTERS. Now 10 years later and 2 Deidrich roasters later, we are still excited to achieve the freshest and fullest flavored coffee with each and every roast. We hope our coffee will entice and stimulate your senses as well…enjoy.